I’ve been suggesting a few books to read in some of my other posts. You should maybe have a look at a few of those posts, you might find some interesting reads. 

It’s so easy to suggest books to read and give other people advice on what might be of interest … but did you ever wonder why we should read? Is there a reason why reading is good for us?

I’m certainly not a specialist in the matter, nor am I here to give you scientific proof, but I do believe reading makes a difference in our intellectual, spiritual and physical life. Let me share a bit of what I see for myself. 

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You Should Read If You’re a Creator/Artist

As in my usual posts, I can only speak from my experience. Every time I pick up reading again (because I do sometimes abandon for a bit of time) I find myself immersed with creative ideas. 

I guess it’s a bit like a song writer… If he doesn’t listen to the latest trends and doesn’t hear what the market offers, he can hardly find inspiration for his next hit! Listening to other creators can truly inspire and give him the needed boost to compose various songs.

As a writer, it can be hard at times to find the necessary inspiration and write content that remains appealing for your readers. You need to find inspiration in various ways, being present to little details at every moment of the day, getting inspiration from conversations with friends, but also by reading what others write. 

You Should Read to Feed Your Brain

I’m reading this book right now… It’s not at all my usual type of book. I just stumbled upon it because of an influencer I follow and I thought it might be an exceptional book. Well, let me make this clear, it is exceptional! It’s just not the type of book I’d usually read, but I’m happy I’m doing so.  

The book is called, Livewired: The Inside Story of the Ever-Changing Brain by David Eagleman. It’s a very scientific book in which the author explains the research around the brain and its capacity to adapt, to recreate, to rewire … in other words, it’s all about the power of resilience hidden inside our complexly created brains. 

The many examples given by the author, show how the brain is able to adapt to different situations. May it be those people who, after days of being blindfolded, develop other senses and perceptions, or that kid who had half his brain removed and ends up functioning normally again, or that magnetic sensor added to the fingers which enable people to sense magnetic fields, etc.

It’s astonishing to see how the brain is resilient and can adapt to seemingly impossible situations. But what if the contrary is also true? What if the fact of not stimulating your brain, can actually damage certain parts? 

You Should Read to Feed Your Spiritual Life

Spiritual life needs to be nourished as well. No need to quote any spiritual teacher in particular… I think we’ve all had a lot of suggestions. I like to say that spiritual life is just like hitting the gym. 

Sounds weird, but it is… You cannot go to the gym, sit by, watch others train and step out the gym like a lion. You have to put in the work, train hard and persevere in time, because as soon as you give up, you quickly start losing what you’ve gained.

Some things are better avoided, but in general, it’s all about balance. For me, perfect balance would mean sleeping the right number of hours, meditating first thing in the morning, having breakfast, reading a little, hitting the gym and then working. Am I there yet? Well, let’s just say I’m strongly working at it. Lol. 

You Should Read to Feed Your Intellect… and Humility   

When Socrates was told he was the wisest man alive in Ancient Greece, he said it was wrong and that the oracle made a mistake. But when confronted again, he admitted that the only thing he did know, was not knowing anything. 

It is typical of the non-readers or of those who haven’t studied much in life, to believe they know everything… Those who actually study, read and are avid to know more and discover more always feel they know so little. 

Well, the less we read, the less we feel compelled to do so. And while we don’t feel any desire to read or to learn more, we feed our intellects with easy fast food: social media to give but one major example.

So yes, reading is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Reading, meditation, and exercise are core elements that definitely improve our mental health…

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