Please note that the focus of this blog isn’t to give advice to new bloggers, but I felt the need to give back what I’ve received and help others on their journey to start blogging as well. To get better feel of my blog, I invite you to read some of my other posts!

Be Yourself

It may sound obvious as you start blogging… but when you start wandering around social media and reading various blogs, you slowly start to notice that lots of people are in it for the wrong reasons. It becomes obvious that the main goal behind their online activities is fame and money and not necessarily giving what is uniquely theirs. When the focus is not that of giving … you end up selling your soul for revenue and unconsciously imitating those who do it and live off it!

Don’t Imitate

It’s like anything else … imitating is the easy path to acceptance. If someone else does it, then it might work for me as well! Who would wear some crazy clothing if no artist had done it before? Setting your trend can be hard and you might even get bullied for it … but it is the only path available for uniqueness and long-term growth. There are so many examples of people who’ve made it by being themselves after being ridiculed for their uniqueness. A quick search on Internet will make you discover the many public figures out there that struggled to make it and are now leading artists in our world. 

I once watched a video on how to start a movement (click here to watch). They were showing a shirtless guy who, in an event, decided to start dancing. Let me throw this out there … his dancing skills could have been questioned and his being alone at it, triggered lots of laughs. Soon after he started, a second guy jumped in and they both seemed to have no idea of what coordination means. But the smiles and the fun they were having triggered a full party of people who finally decide to get up and dance as well. 

In this example, the dancers are all followers … but the “crazy” outside the box thinker, is the one who starts the movement. Once everybody dances, it’s easy to hop in and be like others … but starting your movement is something else. 

Be Willing to Be Ridiculed!

Yes! Be ready! If you only knew! Envy and pride give rise to all sorts of wars… When someone stands out and sets a trend or starts a movement, many will attack and try to destroy that person. Back in the day, they needed to use tact and influence to get to their goals … same happens today in workplaces where people will try to destroy you by influencing others into thinking negatively of you. 

Today, with social media … people will easily spread hate hidden behind their screens and their secretive usernames. Instead of trying to create their own reality, they enjoy destroying others’. I often imagine these same people in public places where they’d be right in front of you. Would they have the guts to tell you everything they do in the comment sections of your blog posts or videos or social media posts? That’s right… I don’t think so either. Look back at the video … no one gets up to insult the lonely dancer. They turn to their friends and comment smirkingly, but don’t act on it and end up dancing as well. 

Be a Duck!

Well … not really a duck … but be like a duck’s feathers and let the haters’ comments role on your back like water drops. When you end up giving up, you give them fuel to continue doing the same with others and you prevent the results from showing up for yourself. 

A friend works on many blogs and he’s been generating many streams of income through these as well. To start with, he had a few working blogs that were generating amazing revenue but had this one specific blog that wasn’t working at all. After a full year of working at it, he was about to delete it, when it suddenly started generating more income than the others combined. The moral of the story is to trust your gut feeling! Follow your path … let others doubt while you believe in yourself and in your dreams because you never know when things can start working out! 

Be True to Yourself

That is a difficult one because, in truth, few people know and understand their life purpose. I will develop this topic in another post (link here) that I invite you to read as well. I know what it means to be searching… I, myself, followed advice from so many people around me … these bits of advice made me go from one job to another. Why? Because I was unhappy trying to fit in and go accordingly to other people’s expectations. Being yourself is and will always be the key to being true to yourself. Don’t imitate … be unique … be you and you will undeniably find the purpose you’ve been looking for.

So moral of the story: before you start blogging, make sure you do read others and inspire yourself from them, but also make sure you stay faithful to your own journey!