OK! I admit that the title may hit hard or even hit home, but I think it is important we address this topic while trying to develop a blog! Have you questioned the effects of scrolling for hours on social media? I myself often feel anxiety after scrolling for a while, especially if I do it the first thing in the morning. I try hard to convince myself I should spend less time on social media … but isn’t it addictive?

A simple reminder that the focus of this blog isn’t to give advice to new bloggers, but I felt the need to give back what I’ve received and help others on their journey to start blogging as well. To get a better feel of my blog, I invite you to read some of my other posts! Also a simple disclaimer as I do not give any medical or psychological advice, but only share my personal experience, I invite you to read my website disclaimer for more details. 

Scrolling and Studies Showing Effects on the Attention Span

Back to scrolling! There have been various studies that point out the effects of television and the overuse of tablets and smartphones. Many of them (interesting condensed article you can read here) will highlight the consequences of those habits on the attention span and on how it significantly reduced with time because of the effects of rapid commercials and intense scrolling. Whoever studies marketing will know that it is now a matter of seconds for the advertiser/creator to be able to grasp the readers’ or listeners’ attention … you fail? They keep scrolling or changing channels. 

Now, knowing these facts will help you creating content that will respond to those needs … but I also think it is important for us as well to question how, as bloggers or future bloggers, we feed our soul and brain.

What is The Real Goal of Your Blog

Personally, the main reason I wanted to get my blog going was to be able to write and create content which I felt I was truly helping others in many ways. Obviously, my blog will go from sharing my personal experience to deepening certain topics and giving insights. Sharing my experience can go a certain way and I might be able to produce many posts … but sharing thoughts, reflections and insights, will not be possible without finding ways to replenish my soul and find a life balance in which I will also feed my brain. 

Let’s be honest, you don’t absolutely need to do that … but why add another insipid blog on the internet and share stuff to simply make money while there is so much more to life than that? I gave up positions and declined numerous job offers to follow my convictions; now I need to make sure I create a life balance which will allow a divine flow of communication. Yes, might as well call this a divine flow of communication, because it involves your body, your brain, your soul! Namely, I’d give three major recommendations for that flow to work and replenish your energy and that of your readers.

Take Care of Your Body

First, make space for your body to feel loved and cared for. Sounds obvious, but in my personal situation I’ve realized how work out, healthy eating, healthy sleeping hours, various calming practices are such major factors in allowing me to better care for my brain and soul. My best friend has to be the scales… I mean, it’s a love and hate situation. I hate it with a passion when it shows me higher numbers and love it when all goes well … but, to be honest, I need to keep a close relationship with my scales allowing them to judge my indulging or compliment my success.

Every time I step away from it, I end up going down a slippery road of overeating, making bad choices, skipping the gym, etc. Don’t underestimate the effects of working out. You don’t necessarily need the gym. It can be small walks or cycling … the important thing is to get moving since it helps the flow of oxygen in your body. 

Feed Your Brain

Secondly, give food to your brain… Reading, podcasts, films, conversations, etc., are all good food for your brain that will allow you to get ideas which will eventually be transformed by creativity. Some of us are probably avid readers, others not. Some will buy books and devour them, others will buy them and stack them up. However, ten minutes of reading … even if it means reading only one page is already better than nothing at all. 

Feed Your Soul

Thirdly, I’d say feed your soul. It goes with feeding your brain, it’s just a different practice. What helps in this regard is avoiding my phone first thing in the morning and going right away to meditation. 

You see, meditation is a practice that will grow with time … start small or even help yourself with guided meditations, but don’t underestimate the value of it. When the first thing I do in the morning is look at my phone, I rapidly go through emails, missed texts, missed messages, then open Facebook, then Instagram, then TikTok, etc.

Next thing you know, I feel overwhelmed with thoughts of all there is to be done and when I later try to meditate, my brain is racing like crazy. Instead of dealing with my challenges, my brain gives me a rerun of all the images previously seen. Meditation then becomes a waste of time. There comes a point when you’ll prefer getting up earlier and finding time for meditation than avoiding it because of a thousand excuses. 

Strangely, these three elements are all linked … when I take time to meditate, I feel the need to read and work out … when I start reading, I feel the need to … you get the point… Try one of them … you’ll see!

Once you’re feeding your body, brain and soul the right way … you will find thousands of ideas to share with your readers… You will become relevant.