Synchronicity? If you’ve been reading my posts, you must start to realize that my main goal is to put in writing the extraordinary things that occur in ordinary life. In other words, I love to think that our daily lives are a series of synchronicities.

But wait! Do you believe in synchronicity? While in High School, I still remember some of my buddies talking about destiny… We were all too influenced by a bad movie back in those days, « Natural Born Killers », where the killers kept repeating that it was destiny. So yeah, the young junkies that we were tried hard to believe it was all destiny. 

But, to be honest, I think humans are above destiny … that we have power over certain things in our lives, that we are actors of possible change. I prefer to believe there is synchronicity. 

Synchronicity, Good or Bad?

Basically, synchronicity refers to events happening in ways that will allow a certain outcome. Obviously, there can be negative or positive outcomes. But I do believe that things happen for a reason … not as a result of fate, but for a reason.

It’s a bit what happening with my blog. I write posts on a regular basis, trying to dig deep into my daily life to allow others to grow from it. Why? Do I think I’m better than others? Do I think my life is more special than that of others? Not at all! I do believe, however, that God gave me a creative mind that helps depict with words some important life lessons that can help others. 

So yes, if I’m able to post and find inspiration, it has a lot to do with synchronicities. Like everybody else, I sometimes struggle to find ideas and will doubt the whole sense of what I’m writing, but as soon as I settle to write things happen in ways that will confirm my ideas or on the contrary, make me delete everything and start from scratch. 

Synchronicity, Divine Intervention?

You all know how a bit of a wacko I am. Do you? Well, you should by now! Read some of my other posts and you’ll see! So being who I am, I sort of see synchronicity displaying itself in so many ways in my life. It’s unreal. 

Just as I wrote the subtitle of this section I realized it allowed me to reach 333 words. Might seem meaningless too many, but the number three in Catholic religion is divine perfection. So you’ll say, it’s nuts to think that … well, maybe but I believe there are signs everywhere if you pay attention.

I’m the sort of guy that sees repetitive numbers everywhere and will experience crazy things that other might just overlook. I can give you so many examples. I mean, I can write a complete book on synchronicities. But let me try to give you a few examples. 

Back in 2016, while struggling with my decision to leave the priesthood every time I’d leave the house, I’d see a falcon. I mean, I lived in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, not deep into the woods. I’d see him every time. It was almost scary. I kept telling a friend of mine about the falcon and he genuinely did not believe me. 

One day, I invited this friend to a concert. As we were leaving the house, we saw the falcon. My friend sort of dodged it off by saying ii was “OK.” As we got inside the car and started driving, the falcon took to the air and started flying right into my windshield. At the last minute, as I’m braking, he spread his wings and flew upward. Needless to say, we both freaked out. My friend suddenly acknowledged my stories … who knows why?

Synchronicities or Divine Providence?

Well, call it as you want! Some call it, providence, some call it divine providence, others will say it’s synchronicities or auto-convictions … but hey. Sometimes, there are things that only make sense when there is something greater than us to make pieces fit together. 

That’s exactly what happened this week again. My soulmate and very close friend. Happened to live in Greece a few years for work, more or less 50 years ago. Back in those days, he met a wonderful man of whom he fell madly in love. For political and military reasons, they were suddenly separated. I will not go into the details, but I invite you to read more about the political situation of Greece back in the 1970s.  

Well, after many years, they totally lost contact. Not into social media, the Greek counterpart, was nowhere to be found. As I was coming to Greece, I offered my friend to try to find him. It was almost an impossible task. 

I struggled and did so much research. I finally stumbled upon an address and a phone number. The phone number was no longer valid, so I decided to head for the house. I was following Google Maps religiously and suddenly hopped onto the wrong bus. This took me to a totally different area of town. I noticed my mistake, but there were no stops to be seen for quite a while.

I finally managed to get off that bus and needed to walk back quite a long way. This totally delayed me in my plans. When, I finally got to the address, I couldn’t find the person’s name on any of the doorbells. I did not want to admit defeat, but I was starting to believe, he had passed. 

As I was heading out of the interior garden of the building, a dog came to me from nowhere and wanted me to pet him. I don’t know why, but I told him to help me find this man. He pushed his head a few times against my hand and walked towards the doors of the building where I finally saw a woman. 

To my biggest surprise, she spoke English. Not only did she speak English, but she knew the man I was looking for; he no longer lived there. She made a few calls and I was suddenly on the phone with this man. He was totally in awe… couldn’t believe it! Was moved and said it was impossible for me to find this address and he did not understand how this happened!

Is it me or the fact of taking the wrong bus and petting the dog, both allowed me to meet this woman? If I had arrived earlier, I would have maybe never met this woman. Right? 

Synchronicity for a Deeper Reason

So basically, after more or less 50 years, these two souls that loved each other so passionately are now reunited. I had other things to write about … but I really wanted this post to be a witness of what providence/synchronicity allows us to witness on a daily basis. 

I did not meet another falcon, the dog never spoke to me, I don’t hear voices, I don’t see angels, I never heard God’s voice … but I do know that he guides me in mysterious ways. 

Have you ever experienced anything similar? I’d love to hear some of your stories. Please make sure to subscribe and maybe share some of your own synchronicities.