Before I start with this post, I’d like to specify that it is meant to help bloggers discover their niche, but I also strongly believe that anybody looking for their life purpose will be able to relate. If interested, I invite you to also read some of my other posts!

While so many are blogging, it may be hard to find that unique approach that will help you monetizing your blog. However, I truly believe that finding the right topics is similar to finding the purpose/reason behind your motivations. And when you analyse your motivations, you may feel that somewhere, hidden under layers of false convictions, lies your true journey … your unique calling. 

Relatable Story to Help You Find Your Niche

While I was a Catholic priest, I always preached by example or gave examples of myself while preaching. I did not see myself as a master, nor a teacher, but a seeker full of flaws. That being said, the goal was not to centre any of the sermons on myself, but strongly believed that teaching a strong message always comes easier when accompanied by examples. The funny thing is that I’ve always shared my struggles, incomprehension and mistakes, rather than sharing my convictions and accomplishments. It made my parishioners laugh and somehow made me relatable. Let me try to do the same with this topic and share a bit of my own journey. 

The Struggles to Finding Your True Calling

I’ve always struggled to understand my true and profound calling. I felt the need to be a witness of God but did not know how to do so, and while going through life experiences and daily struggles, I always felt overwhelmed and unable to see the larger picture. Somehow, once the storm was over, I was then able to see and better understand the reasons that led me to various points in my life. 

I know for a fact that I’ve always been intrigued with spirituality. From a young age, I was attracted to anything spiritual. This led me to discovering God in a Christian perspective and soon felt a need to be his witness. This “calling” evolved with time… I mean to say, even my vision of God evolved to a point where I don’t think he is the same god I believed in even two days ago … let’s just say I don’t believe in a static god. 

Writing for a Purpose

This discovery of spirituality came along with a strong taste for poetry. Strangely enough, it all started in High school where I was a troubled teen and had a hard time listening in class. At a certain point, one of my teachers asked me to write a text on silence. I guess his goal was to get me to be silent in class, but it triggered in me a strong desire to write. 

This desire was increasingly present in my life. However, when I turned 18, I joined a religious community which was similar to monastic life. Quickly, my writing and being an “artist” was totally despised and I slowly drifted away from it. Only years later, after leaving the community, was I triggered to write thanks to an older priest. He took me under his wing and encouraged me to write as an active part of my ministry. Since then, I can say it became an obsession. 

Find Your Obsession

Now that you’re familiar with these two key elements of my background, you can better understand how I’ve been struggling to keep a job longer than a year after leaving the priesthood. All these jobs were opportunities meant to allow me to write and yet, all of them, ended up being so time consuming that I had no energy left to give back to others through my writing. 

It’s only when I look back, that I can clearly see how I was mysteriously guided to get back to writing, but always was hesitant because my focus was to find financial security. The need for financial security took over all of my unconscious endeavours and even over my creativity. When I’d try to create, I wasn’t myself; I was that guy that chose to make money over creating genuine content. 

The difference is subtle, but it is the same as what distinguishes Renoir and Picasso. I mean, if Picasso wanted to make money back in the days, he would have imitated the great names and would have tried to perfect similar art … but instead, he chose the difficult road of finding his unique calling. He accepted the challenge of letting art speak through him and not try to please his audience at all costs.  

Discovering Yourself Through Pain

It took me years of struggles and discouragement to better understand my journey. I needed to take time and carefully review the life events … the reasons why I failed at certain jobs, excelled at others, why I liked certain things and despised others. While looking back, I was then able to understand that only two things always persisted in time: my desire to write and my fascination and love for spirituality. 

I do understand why certain people will keep their job although they hate it. They might find their motivation in financial security, good fringe benefits (insurance, etc.). But I confess that I cannot relate to these choices. I somehow am unable to find my happiness in material goods… I’ve had it all and was blessed in many ways, but never felt fulfilled. The only driving force that always kept me thriving and fighting was my strong desire to witness and to write. 

I wish I had magical solutions to offer, and that I could give you advice which could let you jump and fly … but I personally see it as an encounter with yourself and with your profound calling. Before you can give, you need to discover what you can give and to know what you can give, you need to let your gifts arise from their ashes. Once you discover your unique gifts, you will discover your unique niche and you will gain your unique audience. 

Think about it … meditate … pray … listen … and you will find! And while at it, maybe you can read some of my other content!