There are many authors out there that are worth talking about, but I’d definitely pick one for this post… Let’s just say that many are the books in English and French that have spiritually and humanly nourished my soul along this journey. But one author stands out! 

I don’t know if you’ve been following my blog, or if you’ve read some of my other posts? The focus of my blog is spirituality mixed with psychology. I share my journey along with the lessons I learn daily. 

If I had to pinpoint one author who for years has helped me grow humanly and spiritually, it has to be Richard Rohr. From his daily meditations to some of his works I’ve had the privilege to read, his writings are a huge part of who I’ve become. 

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An Author That Keeps Growing

Richard Rohr opens up a whole world of theology and spirituality. First a Franciscan friar, then a priest, he founded the Centre for Action and Contemplation from which I literally get so much nourishment for my soul. 

My reading his daily meditations all started as a suggestion from a friend. His sharing a meditation here and there, slowly got me wanting more. I mean, the theology, the vision of God, the open-minded spirituality, etc. resonated so deeply with my desires and beliefs. 

How many times did I read the daily meditations wanted to simply add my signature to the post? To me, so many of them make sense, they are so profound and rich. Now, with time, he gathered a team of spiritual leaders who all take turns in sharing some enriched, “multivitamined” spiritual goodies.

An Author who Is a Source of Change  

What truly is amazing about Richard Rohr and his team at the Centre for Action and Contemplation is how, with time, they became a seed of change inside the Catholic and various Christian Churches and beyond. 

What they propose is a unified vision of mankind, an open-minded spirituality that springs for true self-healing and a vision of God that is free of all human constructs and free of all toxic masculine and power-based imagery.  

So yeah, how can I not recommend the daily meditations and some archived meditations along the way? I strongly suggest you have a look at it and tell me what you think. 

An Author Who Published Many Books

Obviously, I enthusiastically recommend you go beyond the daily meditations to find some inspiration in his published books as well. There are many to choose from. Maybe you can look up some topics that interest you the most but I’d like to suggest a few here.

One of the most interesting books of his that I’ve read is based on the twelve steps. You might recognize the twelve steps in some of the Alcoholics Anonymous and other similar associations and movements. 

These steps are basically a path in which the soul rediscovers love for others and itself, along a renewed vision of God. It’s learning to grow spiritually while freeing ourselves from toxic behaviours and habits. The title says it all, Breathing Under Water. 

Another interesting book of his has to be Falling Upward. This book is such a gem. How to best define it? What if I told you it’s a school of learning on how to make the best of your failures?

Well, that’s almost what this book is about. It’s learning to make the most of our difficulties, personal challenges, failures, etc. and finding the way “up” from there. 

Actually, Rohr clearly makes a point in stating that you cannot know the “up” if you haven’t experienced the “down.” In simple words, you cannot know success and growth if you did not experience suffering, trials and defeat. 

So what seems like “falling down” is now a path, a journey in our “falling upward.” Definitely a must read. 

I’d recommend one last one. The reason why I suggest this one is because I feel it is the perfect compendium of what Richard Rohr preaches and believes: it’s the Universal Christ.

This book is a New York Times Bestseller for many reasons. It is a written invitation to contemplate how God liberates and loves all that is. Finding inspiration in scriptures, history and spiritual practice, Richard Rohr proposes a transformative view of Jesus Christ: who is the constant unfolding of God’s work in the world. 

He makes a point of showing how God chooses to become one with humanity. In this vision, humanity has always been united with God, division is a personal choice. It is not a question of merit; it is a free gift of love. 

In other words, this book is an invitation to see God not in a restricted mindset, but to find him in all things, in everyone we meet along our journey. 

Let me know if you do read one of his books. I’d love to hear what you think. Did you subscribe to my blog? Much more content to come.