Choosing the right theme for your WordPress website is as essential as building your content. So many people will choose free themes or will randomly buy one without looking into some really important details.

The wrong theme can not only make your life miserable while building your content, but it can also affect the responsiveness of your website and ultimately affect your organic online ranking.

As you can see, my blog is fairly new. This doesn’t mean it’s my first website! I decided to start from scratch a few months back and start creating new content that better represented where I’m at (you should have a look at some of my posts). Aside from my own website, I have also been building websites for others on a regular basis.

Choose a Theme That Is a Powerhouse

As mentioned above, I’ve been building websites since 2016. I’ve built many and tried so many available themes. I went from trying to create my own websites prebuilt free templates and some plugins, to discovering a world of “plug and play” themes that make things so much quicker and easier. 

Some of the themes I’ve tried looked amazing on previews. When trying them, it was a whole different ball game. Some were limited in what you can change or modify and others did not have support after a year or so … making your site obsolete very quickly. 

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on various themes. I tried the highly rated themes and the eye-pleasing ones, and always felt there was something missing. Since I’ve discovered Creativo by RockyThemes, I never looked back.  

Creativo not only offers many templates to choose from (22 prebuilt websites), but it also comes with loads of amazing features and includes some of the greatest plugins out there; WP Bakery, Elementor, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce, etc. 

Choose a Theme that Offers Support

While installing a theme and discovering its features, you might encounter some difficulties, there is nothing better than knowing that there is a whole community of Creativo users that will answer your questions or members of the RockyThemes’ team that will help you find the right solutions. 

Not only are they quick at fixing problems, but just as quick at delivering the updates whenever there are security issues or major WordPress updates. Since I’ve been working with the Creativo theme, I did not face any issues that have not been solved. 

RockyThemes did not only work hard at building the prebuilt themes that will enable you to build any type of website (blog, eCommerce, business page, personal page, photography portfolio, product presentation, etc.), but also packed the prebuilt websites with cool features that you can use by simply changing the content. 

Choose a Responsive Theme

Some of the themes I tried were packed with loads of features but did not offer the responsiveness of Creativo. While building a website, responsiveness is a key factor to consider and so many details can affect it. Same goes for the speed in general. 

In the themes options, you can easily enable features that will make your site much faster. The prebuilt themes already offer amazing responsiveness for mobile as well as desktop websites. That might sound unimportant, but know that most users will look at websites from their smartphones instead of their computer and if your site is not mobile ready, it might be unfriendly for some users.

So make sure you look at all those details before choosing the theme that is right for you. I guess we all have our own preferences, but if I can make things easier on you, definitely choose a theme from RockyThemes and I strongly suggest Creativo.

Choose a Theme That Will Make Your Life Easier 

Over the years, using Creativo as made my life so much easier. Choosing a prebuilt theme, configuring it the way I want, changing the content and making it my own, is such easy process. It saved me tons of work hours and allowed me to have some peace of mind knowing that whatever difficulty I encounter, there are probably already solutions out there.

If you’re like me, you know the value of time and the necessity to deliver good quality products while saving some time and making sure that no matter what happens, you can offer effective solutions for your clients or for yourself. 

So before you sit down and start working on your website, make sure you do some research. First, focus on finding the right hosting company. I suggest one that will offer 24/7 support and will include backups … according to my experience, those are major essentials. Then, choose the right domain name that will represent your brand/blog/customer. Once you have those elements, if you want to work with WordPress, choose the theme that will respond to your needs. 

After reading this post, I hope you will be curious enough to go have a look at the Creativo theme from RockyThemes, definitely worth your time and money. Check out some of my other content and make sure you subscribe to my blog.