Discipline is so demanding for those who, like me, are more artistic and follow the flow of inspiration. I’ve been blogging for a few months now and the fact of needing to publish regularly has not always been easy to say the least.

Don’t get me wrong, if I chose the blogging avenue, it’s mainly for my love of writing. I always loved writing; it’s part of my DNA. I cannot ignore it … it’s almost a calling! The urge to write always comes back. 

It’s almost as if I were facing an incomplete work of art that I’ve been dealing with for years. It keeps calling me to get back to it, to keep going … against all odds … trying to find my path in the right favours of the algorithms.

Discipline: Creativity Versus Obligation

Now my love of writing makes me want to explore other avenues … blogging is only one part of it. But I thought I’d give my all to this blogging experience. Trying to get a blog to become successful has been a real challenge. I am slowly getting more readers, but getting people to share, comment and subscribe has been a greater challenge.

That being said, I clearly see that the most important of all is discipline. In my previous post, I spoke about the need to find the right niche so you can feel inspired to post regularly … but there is also a question of discipline. 

Think about it! It’s demanding to go to work when you are heartbroken, a little sick or simply needing some time off… Now imagine trying to write in these same conditions! It’s a great challenge. So yeah, not only do you need the inspiration, but you also need discipline.

Discipline… Against All Odds

We all have those days where we don’t feel like hitting the gym… (OK, to be fully transparent, my days turned into almost a full year now…) Those moments in which we don’t feel like cooking, cleaning, etc. Blogging is a bit the same. 

In all these chores or life habits, we need to choose discipline over laziness and health over bad eating habits, etc. I don’t know of anybody who will not be tempted by other options on a regular basis. Your choices need renewal daily. 

The same goes for blogging. There will be moments where you will not find the strength to write, you will not feel inspired or you will go through so much in your personal life that blogging will become the least of your worries. 

The question will always be the same … “Do you really want that blogging sideline or mainstream of income?” You are maybe only one post away from unblocking the blog success you’ve been craving for months.

Discipline… Your Greatest Reward

I have a friend who is actually a full-time blogger. He started with a specific blog years ago. The goal was to make it a sideline. He then slowly was able to extend his audience and ended-up making it a full-time career. 

He keeps working hard, getting some content posted regularly. He also decided to create other blogs to increase his streams of income. I admire his hard work and determination; he did not inherit his success, he worked hard for it and had a full-time job for quite a while before he decided to dedicate himself fully to his blogs.

Talking about his success, we sort of explored what I should do for my own blog. He then felt the need to tell me about one of his secondary blogs. He went on explaining how much time and effort he was putting into it. However, despite all the hard work, it wasn’t paying off. It wasn’t succeeding at all. 

He admitted that he was at a point where he was clearly thinking of deleting it and creating something else. He was hesitant and took some time before taking the decision. As he was just about to delete everything, the blog literally kicked off… He now sees how discipline and perseverance helped him reach the desired goals and now it has become more than profitable. 

Discipline Also Means Patience

So what this basically means is that we need patience along with discipline to get our blogs to become successful. I’m sure there are many talented bloggers who will often feel like giving up because they do not see immediate results.

I cannot give you advice from my personal experience; I’m also starting this journey, but I can share with you what this friend told me, “You never know … Before giving up, think twice, you might only be one post away from success!”

In other words, we need discipline and patience. I choose to see it more as a journey … a journey in which we learn more about writing… We actually choose to love writing not only for fame, but for also for all those times in which our words will not resonate and will get the attention of only a few readers.

May these efforts, those words written against all odds, those sleepless nights and moments of discouragement, etc., be seeds for the growth and success of our blogs.

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